Tuesday, November 17, 2009

start over?

A fresh foot. A new beginning. It’s like in school when grades actually begin to matter, you see a fresh page with no grades recorded yet. A potential “A” could be looming. Not here! I’ve never been able to push myself to that level of achieved perfection. I’m completely satisfied with my “B” status.

Not really. With another year of life being put behind me tomorrow, I tend to wonder how long I’m going to accept second. You see, I’m the oldest child, the first born by a good 9 years. For all you that wanted to be an only child, I was. For all of you that wanted a sibling, I had one. I got both, sometimes even the best of both. Why do I feel second?

That’s a loaded question.

To say the least.

Knowing that the expectations of me have dropped, making a much easier mark to achieve, I feel that I have been trampled. Held up as a beacon, then tossed like an expired incandescent bulb.

In short, life doesn’t have a next semester…….